Mary Ann Hoberman

The Sun Shines Everywhere

The Sun Shines Everywhere

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers • 2019 • 32 pages • ISBN: 978-0-3165-2384-4

The Sun Shines Everywhere

illustrated by Luciano Lozano

In rollicking verse, a merry tribute to the sun which shines over the entire global community, bestowing its light and warmth on all of us:

“Some children live in Paris
And others live in Rome.
Some children dwell in New Rochelle
And some call China home.
Some children live in Delhi
And some in Delaware.
It doesn’t matter where you live –
The sun shines everywhere!

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Publishers Weekly
“Former children’s poet laureate Hoberman celebrates the stalwart star that makes life possible and connects people regardless of where they live … there’s a lot to be said for spreading a little sunshine through unironic high spirits and unalloyed good nature.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Bouncing rhyming text takes readers on a whirlwind journey around the globe … A celebration of unity through variety that’s just right for these divided times.”
“Peppy rhymes and bright, animated artwork showcase the sun as a ubiquitous link among everyone the world over, past and present ... this upbeat ode to the uplifting and unifying qualities of the sun is infectious.”
The New York Times
“If you’re as picky about rhyming picture books as I am, you’ll be excited that the former children’s poet laureate Hoberman, whose meter never falters, has created this clever ode to the sun and its globe-spanning, life-giving power.”
School Library Journal
“This work celebrates the magic of the sun and the diversity of humanity ... sunlight touches everyone and everything in nature ... Readers of all ages will delight in the accessible text, joyous illustrations, and vibrant colors that honor the inter-connectedness of all living things.”