Mary Ann Hoberman

The Raucous Auk

The Raucous Auk
A Menagerie of Poems

Viking • 1973 • 48 pages • ISBN: 978-0-6705-8848-0

The Raucous Auk

Illustrated by Joseph Low

Poems about big animals, familiar and exotic: the elephant, the whale, the bandicoot (who’s fond of fruit), the ocelot (who knows-a lot). The lyrical grazing gazelle, the tongue-twisting litter of little black foxes, the flaming flamingo – they all romp through these pages with style and spirit. Illustrated to perfection by Joseph Low.

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School Library Journal
“Hoberman's humorous collection of poems about animals is marked by sharp observation, neat phrasing, straight-faced nonsense, and melodic turns and surprises…The bouncy, rhythmic verses…are perfect for reading aloud.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Hoberman's touch is unfailingly light, witty and rhythmic…Low's black line sketches with clay-colored washes are suitably blithe and resilient.”
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books Recommended
“One of the most engaging collections of poems about animals to be published in a long time…this is a book that's full of wit and humor; these are poems that are deft and memorable.”